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UK Smartphone Insurance 2017


UK Smartphone Insurance 2017 Summary "UK Smartphone Insurance 2017", report explores how smartphones are being used, by whom, and where the opportunities lie for insurers to target these individuals for cover. The report lays out the shape of the market, providing an estimate of its size and highlighting the key players in this space. Also explored is the range of coverage available for...

UK Protection Insurance 2017: Term and Whole of Life


UK Protection Insurance 2017: Term and Whole of Life Summary "UK Protection Insurance 2017: Term and Whole of Life", covers the market for individual regular premiums, concentrating on the main market for all types of consumers seeking their own cover. Taking protection as a whole, it focuses on the major and closely related product lines of term and whole of life insurance that broadly provide...

UK Pensions Market 2017


UK Pensions Market 2017 Summary The pre- and post-retirement markets have seen some big changes over the last few years. The state pension has been changed from a two-tier to a flat-rate model. The state pension age is steadily increasing to relieve pressure on the government, as the UK population is aging and individuals are living longer. Auto-enrolment will continue to be a big driver of...

Broker Distribution Insight - Which Insurers Lead the Way?


Broker Distribution Insight - Which Insurers Lead the Way? Summary "Broker Distribution Insight - Which Insurers Lead the Way?", explores which insurers brokers rate as best in class for 10 categories including e-trading capabilities, extranet sites, product material, online support, and claims service. It highlights the standout insurers across the board and within each category over 2015-17....

UK Commercial Insurance Distribution 2017


UK Commercial Insurance Distribution 2017 Summary "UK Commercial Insurance Distribution 2017", report provides an in-depth study into the trends of commercial insurance distribution. The report discusses the influence of the differing purchasing behaviors of SMEs compared to larger corporate businesses, and pays particular attention to the role and strategies of brokers within product...

Targeting Millennials with Insurance


Targeting Millennials with Insurance Summary "Targeting Millennials with Insurance", explores consumers who have not yet entered the mass market. It identifies how millennials’ needs and preferences differ to the mass market and where the opportunities lie in targeting them. With reference to each general insurance product it discusses the opportunity in targeting millennials, product...

UK Insurance Aggregators 2017


UK Insurance Aggregators 2017 Summary "UK Insurance Aggregators 2017", explores consumer purchasing behaviour through price comparison sites and how it is changing. It discovers what is most influential to customers when selecting a policy through the channel and reveals the brand strategies of the four leading sites. Their distinct approach to advertising is also highlighted, as well as key...

UK Cyber Insurance 2017


UK Cyber Insurance 2017 Summary "UK Cyber Insurance 2017" discusses the growing need for cyber insurance and highlights product uptake among UK businesses. It explores how cyber insurance fits within a commercial insurance portfolio and examines the products offered by key market players. It demonstrates how the insurance sector can help improve understanding of cyber insurance, and how...